How Can I Transfer My Account?

Note: This guide is for shared accounts. 

Are you getting ready to make the switch to a more reliable web hosting provider? We’re glad, and we’re going to help you with every step, including the transfer of your data.

After your account is activated, simply open up a support ticket requesting a transfer. We will need the following information:

  • Current cPanel URL
  • Current cPanel Username
  • Current cPanel Password

After your submit your request, we will add you to the transfer queue. Some transfers can take up to 12 hours, however all transfer requests are typically processed within 2 hours.

What we will be doing at this point is performing a cPanel migration from your old server to your new server. The following steps will be taken automatically by cPanel:

Step 1: Transfer All Data

cPanel will copy all data (website files, MySQL databases, email accounts, etc) from your old host to your new OneHost account.

Step 2: Redirect Old Website

Your old website will be redirected to a page notifying your visitors that the website is temporarily offline. This is important to prevent data loss. Most websites use PHP scripts with MySQL databases. Most actions that are taken on these sites will write data to the MySQL database. There is a process called propagation, during which some users will connect to your old server, while some connect to your new server. If your website is online on your old server and your new server, some data will be written to the old server’s database, while some will be written to thew new. This will lead to inconsistent data!

Step 3: Update Remote Zone File

The zone file on the old server will be updated to use your new server’s IP. This means that when a device does a DNS lookup to find the IP address of your website, it will get the new IP. This will aide with DNS propagation.

Step 4: Update Nameservers

We will provide you with the new nameservers to use for your domain. Additionally, we can update this for you. If you would like us to do this, please provide us the username and password for your domain control panel.

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